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Tuition + Fees

Individual Fee for EVLC Agreement: 

We only offer 5 full day schedules. We are open from 7 am -5:30 PM  our preschool program hours are 8:30 AM-3:30 PM
ALL Children must be here by 8:30 AM Daily.  We are NOT a drop in daycare program we are a Accredited Preschool program.  Disruptions in our learning program affect the staff and students.  Please have your child to school no later than 8:30 am.  Late arrivals will need to check in with the Executive Director at 970-299-9946.

This is a tuition based school.  We charge a flat weekly rate due regardless of any absences

Our normal operating hours are 7:00 am and close at 5:30 pm. 

Eagle View Learning Center L.L.C. RATES


Tuition Rates


12 months -23 months months old
1 year old’s


3 years - 47 months 4 years old 


4 years to 10 years old

5 days a week

$55 x 5=$275

$48 x 5=$240

$45 x 5=$220





Monthly Rate Is
Charged in 4 week increments
Anything over 20 days




All payments must be advance of care.  Parental fees are due by the 3rd day of each month or will be charged $5 per day late fee.  Tuition fees are due by Monday at 5 pm to avoid a $5 per day late fee.

  Angels Among Us Family Daycare Home  fees

With special request and additional cost earlier hours may be cared for at a second location. The sister location is located 1 mile away in a licensed childcare Home. Your child will be safely transported to Eagle View for school.

This second location may be a better fit for your hours, budget and child's needs.  The in-home Large licensed childcare location is open from 6:30 am-5:30 PM.  Offers hot meals included in the price. 
 Please contact Julie directly at 970-640-2499 or 970-263-4619.


Tuition Rates


12 months -4 years


4 - 5 years old 



5 days a week

$48x 5=$240

$44 x 5= 220