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Parent Testimonials



Alexandria G.
My daughter has attended Eagle View since she was 3. The facility is clean and safe. The teachers are attentive and compassionate. I feel like there is a good balance of play time, socialization, and foundation for learning. We have not had any problems there and the owner Julie is always available to discuss any issues or questions. Would recommend.

Chantel L.
I feel like I am taking my daughter to an extension of our family when I take her to school everyday! Not only is my daughter learning more than I could hope for but she is also loved. She is excited to go and happy when she comes home. I couldn't ask for anywhere better! The owner and staff truly care about the success of our kids!

Crystal V.

Julie and her staff are amazing! I wouldn't leave my kids with anyone else. One of my kids has a behavioral diagnosis and Julie was amazing with her which was an absolute godsend to our family. I believe she's able to do that and connect with kids the way she does because not only does she care that much but she stays up to date on child development and also fun and effective ways to engage and teach children. And she has surrounded herself with like-minded people at Eagle View.

Sasha R.
My son is hard to handle and Julie is the best with him. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The girls that work there give there 100% and all into the kids and I appreciate everyone one of them. I would recommend them to anyone. They understand kids with problems and speech impediments and work with them everyday.

Ashley R.

Julie and the teachers at Eagle View are amazing. My daughter enjoys going to school and comes home everyday having learned something new. Julie and the teachers know that each child learns and grows differently so they adjust accordingly to each child to make sure they are all learning and growing. I would recommend Eagle View to all parents looking for a childcare center.
Venus J.
We really really like this facility, my son enjoy learning and playing with kids. His vocabulary getting better and better since he enroll in this facility. The staff are very friendly, smart and caring to all the kids, always have different activities every week. We would recommend this facility to all my friends.

KT. W.
My daughter looks forward to going to school everyday and comes home saying "I had the best day ever!" It means the world to me knowing she is happy and stimulated while I'm at work.
Torrey A.
Eagle View has an amazing STEM based early childhood education program that my daughter has been attending for over two years. She has learned so much in her time there and the teachers are engaging, genuine, and truly invested in the children. If I ever have any issues I learned long ago that I can come to Julie and she will work hard to address the problem without delay, and it's clear that she loves our kids. I only wish she had a private elementary school program because we dread the day our daughter will graduate and have to start somewhere new. These teachers have become a second family to us.

Bridget W.
Trustworthy, wonderful, amazing, hands down the best caregivers and teachers that my child and I have ever been blessed to be with.

Ruth M.
This program and the staff are professional, trustworthy and truly care for the children! Admit it parents....leaving our children with strangers is difficult but necessary in order for most of us to support our families. Leaving them in Eagle View allows you to leave with peace of mind knowing they are safe and extremely well cared for!!! Giving your children the safest and best learning experience couldn't be simpler...enroll them with Julie Dorsey!!!!

Chris M.
My daughter loves this school so much. Staff is amazing and caring. She learns something every day. She always looks forward to going to school!

Val F.
When our little boy was in attendance at Eagle View I never worried about his care! The staff were incredibly attentive and always cared about his individual needs as well as the needs of the group. He always wanted to stay and not come home because he had such a great time and the projects and the art and the Interactive Learning were amazing for him! I'm not super fond of most daycare/preschool however I would put my son right back in there again if I had to go back to work! Thank you Julie and the ladies for making sure he enjoyed his preschool experience

Eden M.
This school is amazing!!! The staff is very dedicated, knowledgeable, and truly cares about all the children. This has been the best school for my son! He is flourishing with all the STEM activities they do! Everyday when I pick him up, I ask him what he learned and he tells me with excitement! My husband and I wish we would have found Eagle View sooner!! Our son enrolled in early 2016 but it has been the best decision for him and our family!

Krissy B
Eagle View has been the BEST move for my 4 year old Brooklyn. Julie is wonderful and knows her way with kids. They all adore her and her staff. The learning environment is impeccable and I couldn't be happier with all Brooklyn is learning on a daily basis. She was in a center for 3 years and no one ever discussed with me a possible speech delay. Brooklyn was always a little behind with speech but was always improving. When Julie met her, she immediately picked up on her delay and that she was reading lips. Julie suggested we get her hearing tested and I'm so thankful that we did. Brooklyn's hearing in one ear was severely impaired and we ended up getting her ears fixed. Now, she is a whole new kid and is picking up on new skills. Without Julie, she'd still be struggling. I constantly worked with my kiddo but didn't get the severity of her hearing loss and neither did her primary care doctor. Eagle View is a clean and fun learning center. I go out of my way to get to orchard mesa so that Brooklyn can be in the best preschool in the valley. Hands down, the BEST!

Slade L
I can't even begin explain how much they taught my little girl!!!
She's learned more in the short time she's been there than I could have hoped for. Thank you for for teaching her like she was one of your own!!!
I'll be forever grateful.

Stephanie M.
I was with Julie for almost 10 yrs. So let me just say... Julie Dorsey and her center couldn't be more on top of everything this day and age... she's never gotten less than 4 stars from THE STATE. meaning her Facilities are always manageable well organized and well to be completly honest... disgusting CLEAN! lol I'm a mother of 4 and this women helped Practically raise my kids. she was there when they took their 1st steps said their 1st words she treated my kids like her own. I never once worried my kids were or would ever be in danger... She made sure no matter what was going on in her own life that ALL her daycare kids were well taken care of and put first... Not one time did my kids say they went hungry, hate being there, or look like they were neglected! One of my son's is such a cluts we had to put a bike helmet on him just so she didnt have to be calling me every 5 min saying "well your son just had another self taught tumbling class of 1!" lol i dont think you could ever find a more Loving nurturing caring amazing day care person than Mrs Julie Dorsey my kids to think day still run up to her and hug her!

Monica L.

The absolute BEST daycare/preschool/summer camp on the entire Western Slope! Eagle View Learning Center has an amazing and very trusting team of teachers. With the STEM program at Eagle View, my daughter was beyond ready for kindergarten! The facility is always clean and very organized. I couldn’t imagine taking my daughter anywhere else. I’m very thankful and at ease knowing she is in good hands everyday.

Amanda O.
My son was In the care of Julie from the time he was 6 months old until this last summer, and he is 9 now. So I was able to see the full spectrum of care from Infant, to toddler, to school age, and I couldn't ask for better care. I liked that there was never any favoritism amongst the children. Everyone gets treated the same and it's the same curriculum and fees for everyone. I also liked that they always enforce the rules with the kids, and teach them good manners and Independence without coddling them. They were also open almost every day of the year. As opposed to other centers that close numerous days and usually the days you need. I have seen them work with families who are behind on payments I have seen them stay late. They even used to do some evening daycare around the holidays so parents could Christmas shop. All you want is somebody to care about your kids the way you do and give them quality Care. And I can definitely say that this is a place where you get that!! If I could give more than five stars I would because they are worth more than that!! 

Jennifer B.
We had taken our daughter to a few places before settling at Eagle View. I can't imagine taking her anywhere else. The owners aren't just owners, but true caregivers. They love all the children and love what they do. To them caring for and teaching children isn't a job, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle they have come to perfect with love, care, passion and devotion. The teachers are just as wonderful and go to work everyday wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The children are everyone's number one priority with learning, teaching and love always on the daily menu. Anyone would be lucky to have there child cared for by these amazing individuals.

Danielle E.
Everything about this place amazes me! Julie doesn’t just care about her business but she cares enough to make everyone else’s problems her own. Julie and her staff are so genuine and passionate about the work that they do at EVLC. If you’re looking for a center where your children will not only learn but strive in a positive, loving environment, this is the center for you!

Laura H.
The sweet staff cared about my girls like they were their own. My girls enjoyed Summer Camp so much; swimming and hiking was their favorite!