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Parent Portal

Parent Portal
Please print all of the
Enrollment Forms out and bring them in when enrolling. 

The attachments are located below:
You will need to print out the following forms.  Please check your printer setting and make sure to select fit to page BEFORE PRINTING!
Each child will need their own Health appraisal.  Please print 

Health Appraisal
 Fee Agreement

 Supply List
 Tuition Assistance
 CCCAP (Colorado Child Care Assistance Program)
Medical Permission Form (each child needs one)
Medication Permission Forms- if your child needs a medication while at school.  

$30 for the supplies each school year.
$30 registration fee.
$8 for sunscreen twice per year.
Tuition is paid in advance of the first week of care.

Health Appraisal- Annual Physical
The child's doctor will need to sign it. Your child must have a physical within the last 12 months. You may enroll your child in advance if you can show us that the child will have a Well Child Check-up in the next thirty days. If you have concerns or issues finding a doctor please talk with Julie.

We do not provide meals at this location. You will need to pack lunch for your child. Please include two ice packs. 
For children that are missing a lunch we will provide a cold sack lunch for $4.00.

We will have our first snack time between 8:30-9 am.  Afternoon snack time is 2:30-3 pm.  The center provides snacks. 

Snack Day
Once a month your child will be assigned a special day for them to be student of the day. On this day your child gets special privileges such as line leader, door holder, snack helper ect. Your child will be asked to bring something special to show the class and answer questions about themselves. It is a excellent day for students to show off their favorite things. We believe it builds self confidence and helps children increase their social skills. On this day parents are asked to supply a snack to share with the class. If at anytime you are unable to provide a snack please contact the director. We want to help out in any way we can.


Please label all your children's personal items. 
Children's belongings will be kept in cubbies for each child to store their coats and backpacks.
Please bring in a SMALL BACKPACK to store your child's items.