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Schedule A Tour

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are now offering tours on the weekends.  Contact the director/owner at 970-640-2499 to schedule a safe time to take a tour.  

Please call ahead for a scheduled tour.  Due to the safety of the children and staff we DO NOT allow walk in tours.  All tours are scheduled after 4:15 Monday- Friday with the owner or director.  This allows us to give each family individualized attention and ample time to ask questions.  We encourage families to bring the child who will attend the preschool. 

As a reminder we are a tuition based center and charge a weekly fee that is due in advance of care provided.  We do not provide refunds for any absences.

Also it is important to us that all children are up to date of all immunizations.  On rare occasions some immunizations may be waived for MEDICAL reason only.  The medical reason MUST be noted by a Medical Doctor with exact reason it must be omitted from the other immunizations on the standard schedule.  We will allow for a extended or alternative immunization schedule.  This must be confirmed with a doctor.  However please know that Pertussis vaccination MUST be started or we can not start care.  This is to protect some of our vulnerable under two year old students.  Pertussis is wide spread in Mesa County.