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Schedule A Tour

For the safety of the children and staff we DO NOT allow walk in tours.  All tours are scheduled after 4:00 Sunday- Friday with the owner or director.  Click on link below to schedule a tour.  Our tours take 20-40 minutes.  This allows us to give each family individualized attention and ample time to ask questions.  We encourage families to bring the child who will attend the preschool. 

If you have additional questions feel free to call us at 970-640-2499.

UPK for Four year olds

First step is to schedule a tour to check out our facility.

I have great news that we are now a UPK location, and you can still sign up for us to be your chosen UPK school.  Even if you are on CCCAP you can still apply.  However please talk with me and make sure you were approved through the online process for this special program BEFORE contacting your CCCAP case worker. 

Not everyone will be able to join the UPK portion  (18 spots).  OUR preschool program is exactly the same amazing program regardless of UPK status.  We decided at the last minute to take a chance and enroll in the program.  This is a federal funded program, and the logistics of this program are out of our hands.  Be patient with me as we figure this out together.  

Be sure to contact me daily for updates with emails.  omeagleview@gmail.com

 HOW TO ENROLL IN UPK  Funding is from Sept-May. 

Full price June-August (some restrictions apply)

To do this please go to this website and sign up for UPK.   https://upk.colorado.gov/register?mode=signup   Create an account here.

They will then send you an email that approves you and it might come to your spam folder.  Be sure to approve it quickly.  After that they will ask you to match with your chosen school.  You will then choose:   Eagle View Learning Center.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO UPLOAD INCOME DOCUMENTATION.    You can skip this part if you want to and you can add later.  NO need to if you are on CCCAP already just skip it.

I will get an email showing children enrolling and will accept them.

 After that they let us know the start date.  I am not sure if we can start September 1 or October 1.  When I get more information on that I will let you know.

Your rate will be reduced based on your child’s qualifying factors. 

15 hours is guaranteed. 
30 hours if they have one of the following qualifying factors.

If you have one of the following qualifying factors make sure to mark that on the application.  

  1. Dual language learner (your child knows any two languages.)
  2. Considered homeless with no stable residence.
  3. Foster care system
  4. Special needs with an IEP

If you have Child Care Assistance, PLEASE TALK TO ME FIRST before reporting it to CCCAP!  There are changes CCCAP does to your account, and we have to know when the start of UPK is first. 

Additional questions go here. https://cdec.colorado.gov/universal-preschool-family-information

The rate discount will be a savings between $265 -$528 off our monthly Tuition fees.

As a reminder we are a tuition based center and charge a weekly fee that is due in advance of care provided.  We do not provide refunds for any absences.

Currently the waitlist will charge $15 to any families wanting to be on the waitlist.  You will receive a $15 credit at the time you are enroll. ($15 is non refundable and can only be used as a credit) 
You can have the fee waived if you are on CCCAP.  

Due to the high volume of calls you may want to directly email Julie at omeagleview@gmail.com  Or call her directly at 970-640-2499. All calls will be returned as quickly as possible.  This is a extremely busy time of year.

Tours can be done on the weekends.

Please note that the system we use to share our available spots is sometimes tricky to understand.  You are not guaranteed a spot until AFTER a tour has taken place.  This system can not keep up with the high demand of enrollment.  Calling Julie directly and emailing her is the most effective way to schedule a tour.

We do NOT offer care for children under the age of 12 months.  Your child MUST be fully walking before they can be enrolled in either program.

Click on the link below to request a tour.


The legup link below is just to assist families to see rates and possible openings available.  There is no guarantee that the opening is still available OR a new spot hasn't opened up.  We update that site monthly.  For up to date openings please email Julie directly.